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e-class.live FAQ�s

Many common issues are covered in the various users guides located on the e-class.live website at help. See also the Help section of the e-class.live software.

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Microsoft Net Framework

Logging In

Access Keys

Whiteboard - Slides


Licence Management


1: I can hear everyone OK, but my microphone is not working.

  • It will always be worth checking that your audio is working properly in Windows before you launch into an e-class.live session.
    In XP , go to the Start menu, and navigate to Accessories >Entertainment > Sound Recorder. Make a recording and play it back. If your microphone is not working, go to Control Panel > Sounds, Speech and Audio then click on the audio tab and click the Volume button under Sound recording. Make sure your Microphone volume is set to a reasonable level and that it is Selected. If you wish, you can select the Mic Boost function from the Advanced button. This will increase the recording volume to a higher level, but may increase the distortion of the recorded signal.

    In Vista, go to the Start button, then All Programs, then select Accessories then Sound Recorder. Make a recording and check it. If the microphone is not working go to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Manage Audio Devices. Then select the Recording tab and check the information under the Configure and Properties buttons.

    As you speak into the microphone, you should see the signal level change � the green line will move up and down. This ensures that your microphone is able to record something.

  • A common cause of this issue is the firewall settings. You may have enabled access to the e-class.live server ( e-class.live ), but it is important to allow the program to have access to the required ports. Some modems and routers have built-in firewall protection. The administrator of the corporate network may need to reconfigure the firewall settings to open access to the following ports used by e-class.live.

    • IP address:
    • (In some cases the alphabetic web address will be sufficient. In such cases, access to both www.e-class.live and e-class.live must be established.)
    • TCP Port: 1024 (this is fixed and used for most communication except audio, unless TCP audio is selected manually under Tools > Audio Wizard)
    • UDP Ports: 7000 � 12000 (these are dynamically assigned during the session for the audio which is why we request that the range is opened). If it is not possible to open this range, please select TCP audio manually under Tools>Audio Wizard.
  • Run the e-class.live Audio Wizard (Tools > Audio Wizard). You will need to be Online in e-class.live for this � that is, you will need to have launched into a session with an Access Key. First, check that the �Recording Device� and �Play Device� are set to the devices you are using. Then use the record function to make a test recording and play it back. Adjust the volume if required and make another recording to test the new levels. As you speak you will see a visual indication of the level in the indicator located above the volume slider.

2: Audio quality is very poor
See the guide at help : Optimizing Your Audio

Microsoft Net framework

1: I have tried to download the e-class.live software, but didn't have the Microsoft.NET Framework on my computer. Upon visiting the Microsoft website, there are several versions available. V3.0 at least also has several options with various features, none of which I understand. Please advise which version and type I am specifically meant to download.
If you use Windows Vista the NET framework is installed by default. It you have a later version of XP it should also be there, but the best plan is to run Windows Update and check under "optional" upgrades, then select anything to do with NET. The advantage of this is that all critical updates will also be flagged and you can update Windows for other issues at the same time.

As an alternative (or if the NET option does not appear via the above method), you can just go to http://www.microsoft.com and follow the instructions for installing 3.5.

2. Does e-class.live only work with certain versions of Microsoft? Like the more recent or updated versions? Why would it ask to download the Net framework for some computers and not for others?
The Net framework is part of Windows, not part of Microsoft Office. It was included in later versions of Windows XP and is standard in Vista. For older versions of XP it will need to be installed before e-class.live will work. Usually it is shown as an optional update when a user runs the Windows Update routine from Control Panel, but it can be downloaded directly from the link. See answer to question 1 in this section. It is a very large download.

Logging in

1: I opened the link for the Access Key that was sent to me by the Provider, but I got the message "Windows cannot open this file".
You will need to download and install the e-class.live software, then open the Access key again.

2: How can I tell when I am online?
At the far bottom left of the e-class.live screen the word Offline will change to Online when you have successfully joined a session. If this does not occur, please see the Participants Guides in the Help section of the website at help especially � Joining a Session� and �Optimizing Internet Connection�.

3: When I tested the link, I could enter the session but it asked me for a log-in password. Is this a problem?
No password is required � it is built into the Access Key that you opened to join the session. After entering your name the text window you will go into the session. If you were on the login tab and bottom left of the screen said "Offline", then maybe firewall is blocking access. Go to help and see the guide "Optimizing Internet Connection".

4. I have just installed the e-class.live software, that seems to work fine but the link for the Access Key doesn't work, I get a HTTP 404 error message.
Sounds like your firewall may be blocking access to the server. See Participant Guide - Optimizing Internet Connection for assistance. Please also ensure you have cut and pasted the entire Access Key link into your browser, which should then have asked you to open or download the config.emses file which you click to launch e-class.live. If you did not get a dialog similar to this in your browser then you have not pasted the entire link into your browser.

5. I get the error message in e-class.live : "unable to connect to e-class.live server, proxy authentication required"
This message is caused when your internet connection is via a firewall and/or proxy server. You will need to enter the proxy details into e-class.live, as per the outline on page 3 of Participant Guide - Optimizing Internet Connection. Also check that all ports are opened � as described in the same document.

6. I am a Provider of sessions. Isn�t it true that participants download the same trial software as the Provider and if that is the case, they are presented with the 30 day free trial offer � my question is, what happens to them after the 30 days?
If a user just downloads the software then launches it with one of your Access Keys then they do not need a licence. You have "invited" then into your "room". If participants have simply downloaded the software it can only be used to play back recordings or to attend sessions Provided by someone else. They would only need a Provider Licence if they wanted to present their own sessions and therefore wanted to get their own set of access keys for their own "room". Only those who actually present training need to register for a Provider Licence. All others are Participants.

Access Keys

1: I have registered for a Provider Licence, but no links for the Access keys have arrived by email.
After registration you will receive a confirmation email. Log back into the provider Log In section using your Provider ID (Username) and password the select "Generate new Access Keys". An email with the links will be sent to you.

2: I want to join a session as a participant, but I can�t find my invitation email or Access Key anywhere. What can I do?
If you are joining a session for the first time and you can�t find the Invitation Email (with your Access Key), ensure you have searched all inbound email, including your anti-spam filter. If you cannot find the invitation, you will need to contact your Provider.

If you are joining a session for the first time and you can�t find the Access Key try looking for the Invitation Email as above. If you have already saved the Access Key, search your hard drive for files that end in ".emses". If you cannot find the Access Key file or the Invitation Email, you will need to contact your Provider.

If you have previously joined the session or you want to rejoin a series and you always run your e-class.live sessions from the same computer, e-class.live remembers the sessions you�ve previously joined. To rejoin, open e-class.live and go to the drop down menu under the File heading (File > Recent Online Sessions > Provider ID).

If rejoining a series from another computer, here are your options:
Forward your Invitation email to the computer you are to be working on, then follow the link to Open your Access Key
Copy the Access Key
onto hard storage media (such as a USB drive) , transfer it to the second computer, and Open it from the File menu (File >Open Live Session >Browse to Access Key location)
OR Request your Access Key again. Contact your Provider or Presenter for your Instructions and Access ID to be resent.

3. I am a Provider. If am doing a number of sessions with a presenter, do I always have to get new links for each session? Is it necessary to always get a new link for each session or can I always use the same link?
The Access Keys you have are like real keys to your own "virtual room". They do not change and will always work while your licence is valid unless you decide to "Generate New Access Keys" via the website (under Provider Log In). You would probably only do this if your past participants were accidentally joining new sessions without a formal invitation.

Whiteboard Slides - Loading

1: I log in using the Presenter Access Key for my sessions. Then I go to the whiteboard and select Load File then Load Presentation. But whatever PowerPoint file I point to, nothing gets loaded into the whiteboard.
You just need to allow 2 to 3 minutes for slides shows to load � they travel to the server where they are converted then they come back to your whiteboard. Large presentations may take even longer. You must then use the drop-down menu or slide forward button to be able to see the slides. The default is the blank "New" slide.

2: I use Open Office to create my presentations with the extension ".sxi". But when I Load Presentation in e-class.live nothing happens.
The latest format for Open Office presentations uses the extension ".odp". Save your presentation while you are using Open Office in the new format, then load the presentation in e-class.live.


1: When using the link for the recording sent by my Provider, I get the error "Invalid e-class.live Saved Session file!"
To replay a recording, you must first use the link to the recording supplied by your Provider to download the recording file. This file ends in the extension ".emss". Save it to a know location on your computer. Then launch e-class.live and got to File>Open Saved Session>(Browse to the location where you saved the recording file and click it). Also see the guide "Record and Playback a Session" in the Help section of the website.

Licence Management

1: I followed the prompts to the Provider Log In section after I received my renewal reminder, but I could not find the renewal option � any suggestions?
The option to Extend appears on the menu under Provider Log In on the website after the date when your 30 day licence expires. The option does not appear before that date. However, the expiry date is based upon the 30 day anniversary of the day that you first generated your initial Access keys � not necessarily the date that you first registered for a Licence. If you waited a day or two to get the first Access Keys then the date we have as the anniversary may be different to the actual date.

To check the actual expiry date, go to Provider Log In and go to the Update Provider Profile item. Scroll down to the section headed Licence Validity and you will see the expiry date. Log in again a day or so after the expiry and the option to extend will appear on the website menu.