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Special First Release Offers

Dear Colleague

This Offer applies to the 20 User version of the e-class.live licence. Real-time live video and audio communications for training and presentations via the web has arrived at a remarkably low cost.
e-class.live is the most flexible, feature rich online communications training package for engineers and technicians ever released. While e-class.live is in �First Release� we want as many people as possible to use and present sessions with a Provider licence. We encourage you to register for your own trial licence and use it to present your own sessions � with colleagues, students, friends and family from anywhere.

After the 30 day trial period is finished you have no obligation to go any further. But if you like the software and you have used it a few times in the 30 Day Trial period, we�ll offer you a choice:- extend your free trial for another 3 months, OR buy a licence and get 24 months for the cost of 12 months. You�ll have your own virtual room on our server for 2 years!

It is your choice....

With our Free Trial Licence anyone can provide sessions for up to 20 users for up to 30 days from licence start date. It is straightforward and you are only minutes away from your first session. Ideal for testing, mentoring or practice.


If you make good use of the software during the 30 day trial, you can apply for a 3 month extension then consider buying a regular 12 month licence during the 3rd month.


You can buy your own Provider Licence and gain 12 months extra use of you own private e-class.live virtual room: 24 months for the cost of 12 months. Present sessions for up to 20 people at a time, as often as you want. Cost: US$480.00.


Do nothing and your licence will lapse.

Any questions? Email us now at ric.harrison@idc-online.com

Some quotes from our many satisfied users:

“Instructors and students love it. I am extending to our entire training program throughout the world”- Sharne Pretorius (Training manager)

"Brilliant package - superbly conceived and implemented"- Terry Cousins (Professional Engineer)

"Set up and usable in minutes"- Edwina Ross (Training manager)

"Dramatically improved my presentations and impact to my crew all over the country"- Jim Taylor (CEO)

"Massive reduction in costs and improvement in quality of training" - Mick Crabtree (Engineering instructor)

"Remote support to my clients is significantly easier and cheaper" - Octo Moniz (Plant Engineer)